Section 162 Executive Double Bonus Plan

A bonus program designed to provide incentives based on work performance to executives or key employees of a company.
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Pros for


  • Tax Deduction
  • Optional Benefits
  • No Amount Limit
  • Simple Enrollment Process
  • Enables Recruitment and Retention of Key Employees
  • Custom Design
  • No IRS Approval Required
Pros for


  • Additional Income Benefits
  • Tax Deferral
  • Personal Ownership and Management Available
  • Flexible Plan Design
  • No Amount Limit
  • Financial Stability
  • Maintainable After Leaving the Company

Maintaining and growing a successful business is a significant challenge, with workforce management being a critical task.

Finding and retaining talent that contributes to the company long-term is a constant concern for business owners.

The Section 162 Bonus Plan is one effective solution to overcome these challenges, offering innovative solutions for talent acquisition and retention, thus fostering the sustainable growth of the business.

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